Annals of African Surgery engage with Elsevier to kick start the PWB program with AJPP journals

He arrived and immediately set to work. EJ van Lanen is a volunteer from Elsevier who landed in Kenya on 14th November to support activities of The Annals of African Surgery, a new member of the Africa Journals Partnership Program.

Elsevier’s “Publishers Without Borders” volunteer program is supported by the Elsevier Foundation and enables experienced volunteers to share their knowledge and experience with African Journal partners. EJ is an experienced publisher and currently publishes Elsevier’s Oceanography journals.

At his first meeting with the editorial team at the Waridi Paradise Hotel, where he will be housed for the four weeks in the country, EJ quickly took up the challenges of helping with the journal’s policies, website design, set up and testing of the automated submission system, business modelling, internship program and editorial workflows.

He also, without hesitation, agreed to facilitate at the proposed writing workshop for authors in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. The Surgical Society of Kenya wishes him an enjoyable stay in the country.

17 November 2016

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